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·Feb 22, 2022·

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  • Hello You👋

Hello You👋

Welcome to Always Learning Tech.

I started this site as a way to solidify my knowledge in data structures and algorithms for two reasons:

  1. I overall have a desire to be a better software engineer
  2. To prepare for technical interviews

If either of those two reasons also resonate with you, my hope is the articles written here will be as helpful to you they are to me.

⚡Note: This page will be a growing list of topics, but this site will not teach you how to code. See the resources section on this page for places where you can learn to code1.

Each article will consist of the following information:

  • The language(s) the code is written in
  • The resource(s) used when learning the specific concept
  • An explanation / my interpretation of the concept

Data Structures


These resources are places I recommend for learning to code. Some of the links might be affiliate links, which means I'll earn a commission if you decide to use my link to purchase a paid account on those websites. This is no extra cost to you and in some cases you get deal by using my link. Everyone wins.

Last Updated 02.21.2022

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